Interior + Design - "Upgrade"

"In every project I try to include works of art. Their choice is extremely important: bare walls or, even worse, filled with low-quality works kill the interior." The designer's new project is a house in the Moscow region. Clients were not satisfied with the existing interior - cold, soulless, with baroque fabrics, gilded pedestals and ill-conceived lighting. Anna was invited to redesign, that is, to redecorate the house, keeping the finishes and elements that are difficult to replace if possible. The new had to be linked with what was available, and this is always a difficult task. The main request was: to make the house comfortable and pleasant for life. "

Menu Magazine - "Progressors: Habitat"

Architectural Digest - "Breakfast on the Grass"

Mezzanine - "Thin Lace"

"Decorator Anna Pavlova knows a lot about creating an organic, pacifying atmosphere. Her creative approach resembles the unobtrusive weaving of delicate lace, the threads of which are history, image, author's concept and reality."

Beautiful Apartments - "Purity of Feeling"

"If the customer and I agree in our views on beauty, I never dictate, I try not to win, but to make the family nest comfortable, convenient and cozy just for him." I correctly transform all thirty-three wishes, combine the elements, trying to embody his individuality on the territory of the customer. "

Mezzanine - "July"

Home & Gardens - "French Colony"

“As you know, the classics do not age, but what to do if taste preferences extend much beyond one style? Decorator Anna Pavlova found a way out, undertaking to turn a Moscow three-story apartment into a classic oasis with elements of an oriental fairy tale.
... As a result, the interior turned out to be classic, but with hints of the East, very subtle, sometimes almost indistinguishable. The room has become a single whole, where all parts are in harmony with each other. "

Home & Gardens - "The Cult of Water"

Home & Interior - "... and the hot breath of the Levantine"

"... The elegant French decor recreates the Parisian atmosphere in this space."

SALON Interior - "Harmony, freedom, comfort"

Home & Gardens - "A matter of taste. New work of decorator Anna Pavlova"

"... The feeling of softness is brought by the color scale and texture of the materials themselves. Warm rich shades of wood emphasize the delicate whiteness of the walls. Linen tablecloths and flowing curtains of the color of baked milk are sensitive to the slightest change in lighting. The secret of the interior is simple - thoughtful contrasts of warm and cold, play with lighting, close attention to the texture. Everything that distinguishes the work of Anna Pavlova. "

Apartment Answer - "Classic for the bathroom"

Homes & Gardens - "Private Area"

Homes & Gardens - "Tenderness of Provence"

SALON Decor - "Decorator's Choice"

SALON Interior - "Flower Garden of Life"

Apartment Answer - "Breakfast with friends"

Seasons - "The project of decorating the living room in different styles"

" ... Despite the closeness to the classics, this interior is light and airy. The silvery palette is simply wonderful.
... This is a strong interior in terms of sound and effect. But he gives a sense of harmony.
... Moderately exotic, moderately historical - reminiscent of the colonial period in European history . "

Apartment Answer - "Love for the classics"

Interior + Design - "Intellectual interior"

The Apartment's Answer - "Big kitchen with big problems"

The Apartment's Answer - "Maiden's Light"

Home & Gardens - "Flight" London-Moscow ""

"... The symbiosis of" old "and" new ", classic and modern in the created interior is not striking - it seems to have been created by time itself. And created for life."

Parade - "Discipline of space"

Elle Decor - "In the best traditions"

"... Anna Pavlova is a decorator who does not try to turn her projects into the apogee of irrepressible design thought. Another thing is more important for her - to understand the customer's needs and to realize them in space, doing it harmoniously, beautifully, without visual contradictions.

… Everything went well in this apartment: the old venerable walls took the new environment as if they were their own. In this peaceful coexistence of different styles there is comfort, peace, and the sought-after harmony. "

100% Kitchen - "Black on White"

"... such a laconic color scheme is not suitable for everyone, but for a true connoisseur this is a win-win option ..... the main" residents "of the whole house and the kitchen, in particular, are the creations themselves (contemporary art), and they play the main role in the interior. "

100% Bathrooms - "A drawing room or a bathroom for an esthete"

"... decorator Anna Pavlova turned the office space into an exquisite recreation room. A crystal chandelier and a shower behind glass, old drawings and snow-white towels - everything is within the framework of beauty and benefit."

100% Country house - "The main reason"

Mezzanine - "Decor Week" - Catalog

Home & Gardens - "Anna Pavlova artist-decorator"

SEASONS - "House for the Witch"

House & Interior - "Anna Pavlova, decorator"

House & Interior - "A Dream Come True on the Patriarch's"

Mezzanine - "Art-revue 2003"

Kinder Bazaar - "Sense of a fairy tale"

SALON Interior - "My sweet home"

"... Comfort, harmony, carefully selected, exquisite colors are signs of an already established style inherent in a Moscow decorator."

OFFICIEL Russia - "Girls' Rooms"

Mezzanine - "Thinking with your hands"

Mezzanine - "Nice apartment"

Mezzanine - "Royal Apartments"

SALON Interior - "Modern aspects of respectability"